Waiting for steroid injection and hoping


Posted 2007-09-23

I am thirteen years old and have been suffering from coccyx pain for almost 3 months. I can't remember falling or hurting it. I saw a doctor after about a week and she thought that it would just go away. I went back a couple of weeks later and they gave me some tablets which didn't help at all.

I then went back again and the doctor suggested that I should have an x-ray. My x-ray results showed that I had an abnormality on my tailbone and referred me to a consultant. The consultant said that I had coccyxdynia. He said that it is best that I have a steroid injection under general anaesthetic. I am now waiting to have it done.

I really hope that the pain will go away as it is really annoying and painful. If the pain doesn't go away he said to try another injection and after that to remove the coccyx.

Also I hope that everyone with coccyx pain gets better very very soon!


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