Is this T-bone pain or what can it be?

Anonymous -

Posted 2007-07-29

About 16 years ago while out sledding with my children and partner I hit a bump and managed to take off into the air and come down with a bump right on my coccyx, I was in agony. The bump initially winded me but later the same day it was difficult to walk or move and had to be supported to move around gradually. After a couple of months things improved and life went back to normal.

A couple of years later I managed to slip while at work I didn't hit the floor but managed to jar myself, the next day I had some discomfort in my lower back. I wouldn't say it was pain just a feeling that it needed to click or move slightly. This continued throughout the week, getting steadily worse, causing a numb type pain to my lower back and into my right hip. After about six months of this, some good days some bad but never discomfort free, I went to see my GP who referred me to see a specialist at the hospital.

On the day of my appointment at the hospital I was seen by a physiotherapist who explained to me that she did not feel that I needed to see the specialist as this was a muscle problem. I had 1 or 2 visits a week for a year to the physio at the hospital each week she gave me exercises to do tried manipulation massage infra red deep heat traction etc but nothing seemed to help. She said that I was flat footed with 1 leg longer than the other and that there may be some movement to my pelvis.

Suddenly one day my pain just disappeared I had no idea why I was pain free, a few days later I found out that I was pregnant. I asked my GP why has my pain disappeared she said it was due to hormones. My pregnancy ended at 8 weeks and within a week my pain was back.

Over the years I have spent a fortune on physios, chiropractors, osteopaths, remedial therapists, acupuncture even a BUPA specialist who charged me 200 and gave me some exercises which did not help, hot gels, cold packs, waterbeds, Niagara massage units, inversion tables, backlife machines, etc etc etc (in fact I ended up with so many devices that I'm opening a hire centre for such items).

Some helped, others didn't, but my problem remained the same for a further 10 years until I was involved in an accident which involved me falling off a dumper into a concrete post and cracking my sternum and breaking a couple of ribs. It took about 6 weeks to recover from this, but then the pain transferred from the lower area to my neck shoulders and upper back. This continued for a couple of years, now it seems to alternate between upper and lower pain but if I rub/massage the area around my lower back/coccyx I get a lot of clicking in my neck and shoulders but also around the lower back. It is worse on an evening, needing rubbing, feels like tension building, up then it feels like it contracts and the pain releases, only to build up again in another area. This happens all over my back from the top of my neck my shoulders, top of arms, middle back, lower back, coccyx, hips and ribs.

The pain is at its worst around the coccyx area. If I stop rubbing before it releases, the pain stays there. Sometimes no matter how much I rub it will not release, and the pain can stay for days at a time. Other times where the pain has built up a slight touch is enough to release and I can be pain free all day. I seem to have developed a form of self manipulation by tensing and releasing muscles and spend much of my day wiggling about trying to loosen locked joints, but sometimes around the neck area rather than release I get what feels like a pinched nerve and am unable to move my head or shoulders until it loosens. Also if I rub the coccyx area it sometimes feels like bones/joints are moving or realigning themselves which I do get some relief from. Keeping myself active does help.

Has anybody else been through this or anything similar, who can point me in the direction of where to look next?

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