Deciding on surgery

Tricia -

Posted 2007-03-11

First let me start off by saying to those who had coccygectomy without success, I am so sorry for what you have been through, and I hope your doctors get to the root of the problem. I would also like to use this experience to teach people they must do their homework before having this surgery.

My point of this post (which Jon has down somewhere on the site - see Should I have my coccyx removed?) is to let people know if you are going to go forth with this surgery, there are some key steps you can take to ensure a better outcome:

1. Make sure the surgeon performing coccygectomy has done at least 6, preferably more than 12-20.

2. Go over every detail with your doctor - even if it seems silly, about how the operation will go and recovery. (Doctors familiar with this will tell you 8-12 weeks of no full sitting or driving.)

3. Most important to avoid an infection is to keep your wound clean and dry using a 50/50 mix and aerate (without clothes, let air get to it), and also wear very loose clothes - sweat is the biggest factor in infection.

4. It takes 6 months to one full year to recover - a good doctor will tell you that. some heal a little faster - some a little slower

5. With surgery there is always a gamble, but for some it can make a dramatic improvement in their life

6. This is a rare surgery and I would tell people you have to do as much homework as you can and find a qualified surgeon (see Find a specialist.)

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