No-one at school understands how I feel

Hayley -

Posted 2007-05-20

I have been suffering from coccydinia for almost three years now. During this time I have done my school certificate and am about to do my HSC. My doctor was a bit reluctant at first to do any because the first time I went to him I was just 14. I have had one lot of cortisone injections and they haven't worked. Now I am going back to my doctor in the next couple of weeks and we will be talking about getting a coccygectomy.

Its very hard to deal with and I am suffering from depression and no one understands how I feel here. All of my teachers thought I was lying about the pain to begin with but they do know. Most people are understanding but some people try to pretend to know how I feel, only the people that have suffered chronic back pain like mine can understand. I now never go out with my friends because most of the things they do I can't, because it causes to much discomfort. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.


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