I had never paid much attention to my coccyx

Mary - mawee_7@hotmail.com

Posted 2007-09-09

This happened back in April 2006, when we bought a ford focus car, and went to Scotland for a family wedding - a journey of 9 hours. After that my backside just wasn't happy.

Every time I sat down I was uncomfortable. My coccyx hurt. I started to sit with my knees under me so that my coccyx wasn't touching anything, or half lying or sitting on a cushion positioned so that there was no pressure on my coccyx. I stood rather than sat, and going out to the cinema or theatre was not a pleasant experience. I needed a rolled up cushion to sit on wherever I went!

Eventually I went to my doctor. He was a bit bemused, because I hadn't bumped it. He pressed me where it hurt and told me to sit on a rubber ring as I may have bruised it.

Two months later it still hurt. Not agonising, just nagging and nagging.

I had been on the internet and found the Sayers Clinic website (see Doctors and specialists in the UK). I was really tempted to ring up and make an appointment with Michael Durtnall who specialises in this problem, but I was nervous.

I went back to my doctor who was still unsure of how to deal with me. He wanted me to go to a chiropractor who would give me epidurals. I didn't want that. I wanted to sort the problem, not hide it with pain killers.

So I went to Michael. He immediately x-rayed my spine and discovered that my coccyx had become straight instead of curved, and was very stiff. Every time I sat down I was sitting on the tip of the coccyx. No wonder it hurt.

And there my treatment began. It was slow progress, as the coccyx was very stiff and needed loosening. The treatment isn't particularly pleasant - in fact it is probably the most invasive treatment I have ever had - being manual manipulation of the coccyx. However, Michael is extremely professional and it is wonderful to eventually find someone who understands what you are going through - and can help you solve it!

Michael has also used acupuncture and a sort of rolling machine, and I have been doing exercises every day to try to loosen up the muscles holding the coccyx.

After a few sessions the coccyx began to move. I still do the exercises every day and am more aware of my coccyx than I was before!

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