I just want it to go away

Katie - kea2885@hotmail.com

Posted 2007-04-01

Hi I'm Katie I'm 21 years old and for the past few months I have been suffering from pain when I sit down.

It got so bad that instead of putting if off I went to the practice nurse (as no appointments with Drs.) she just said rest and take ibuprofen, wasn't better so 3 days later went to Dr who said rest and take ibuprofen for 10 days. Seemed to get little better as I had time of work and laid down etc.

This was beginning of March, Friday I cycled to college (1st time since I went to Dr) 11 am my back started hurting again when sitting down and had pain down my leg, it was feeling really strange, tingly etc. Took paracetamol which did nothing, called Drs. and they said they couldn't see me until the following Wednesday! I was almost crying cause it was uncomfortable.

In the end I went to see the college nurse who said I should go to the Drs. and demand 2 be seen, even cry if need be lol. So I did and they saw me at 5 pm on Friday, this Dr was much better gave me a proper examination said he couldn't feel any sores etc which could be causing the pain and said I was a bit of a mystery as I don't recall any incidents where I have banged my back!

So now the Dr is referring me for physio, tried to ask for a x-ray but he said if I need one the physios will tell him! Just think at least then they could look at my back.

Am now at work and its really sore, am having to sit on my leg to help!

Any recommendations for comfier chairs etc to help? I just want it to go away, probably how most of you feel! So glad to have found this website!



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