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Posted 2007-10-28

Question to Coccyx.org -- Has anyone Experience with the MBT shoes ??

As CP's we are more likely to enjoy standing up, including working at a stand up desk (in combination with a sit down desk).

I (like some people on coccyx.org) for a few months used the KNEELING position to sit (on my heels) >> and damaged my Lateral Minuscus ligament (knee), plus I ended up with tingling toes in one foot from cutting off blood supply (where upper (dorsal) surface of foot touches the floor when kneeling). (Now, both: meniscus & tingling are 80% healed after 8 months). So, we end up stressing our undercarriage (legs, hips, backs, and everything underneath the head) and become patients of the chiropractor and massage therapist.

Interestingly, the coccyx thing is a musculo-skeletal situation, and to avoid coccyx pain initially, we compensate and may end up (at least for me) hurting ourselves in other musculo-skeletal areas. Some of us are too heavy to start with (I'm now using a 'pedometer' to encourage more walking and get my weight down. I'm 50 years old, male, 5'11, BMI 29, blood pressure normal, accountant). Since I'm walking more, the soles of my feet show signs of plantar fasciitis (OK, we can fix this with stretching, I use the whirl pool for doing such stretches. Gee, I just reminded myself of how to treat this, plus: I just found this helpful article on standing

Ok, I just searched coccyx.org for MBT shoes and nothing came up for MBT.!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, for my standing up desk, the podiatrist recommended CROCKS shoe look-alikes, and they have worked well for me. I'm using a second pair for swimming pool area (in fact I don't take them off until exiting swimming area, and wear them in the whirl pool and walking in the pool to work on my meniscus ligament - swimming pool has concrete floor).

Anyway, the real point is, musculo-skeletal means (to me) that muscles, tendons and ligaments need to be strengthened in an as normal way as possible, otherwise we spend too much money on having the physio & chiro man do it for us manually. Yes, initially, they should help and get us going, then check us quarterly or semi-annually. So, maybe MBT can be of real benefit here. (The shoes are even tax deductible with a prescription; and GST(VAT) exempt if you arrange with seller by supplying prescription before purchase -- Hurray). I don't own any yet, but am very interested.

Ok. We are in this together. We are born to move, so Let's take a 1 minute break every 20 minutes ... Let's move, .. NOW .. (really helping myself here -- I just got off my chair and my Pedometer immediately started ticking again, and it felt like I'm getting richer, like compound interest, every bit counts. Hey, with every step I'm also burning calories and ward off aging.) See you later.


One person writes that they tend to wear out faster (I haven't read the full post yet) paulm.com/inchoate/2005/05/masai_barefoot_technology.html

One web site quotes that Warren Buffet sees some potential in the shoes as he invested in the company (of course, I don't know whether Buffet is really related to the Birkshire Partners).

P.S. - One more trick to get us off the chair - to read a document with head-phones on and pacing around

I use the Free "Natural Reader" software that copies text into its free program and READS THE TEXT BACK TO ME <<<>>> FREE, <<>> and to get a decent voice with it, you must download ALSO a free voice of some person, ie from Microsoft, or from cepstral.com. I like Allison (:-) from Cepstral, see link below.

Natural Reader (~$US40 with a free voice included) or FREE for trial (If anyone pesters me to sign up: I uninstall and re-install), www.naturalreaders.com/. I'm just now downloading 'Allison 4.2.0' (106 MB) (a new voice) from Cepstral.com. (I am currently using 'Cepstral Diane's voice. I need to re-boot my comp after emailing this out to hopefully be able to switch from Diane to Allison.)

Anyway, I can recommend my head phones "SONY MDR-V600" (bought them on EBAY for ~ CAD 150 including shipping & brokerage).

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