Dr. Sussman - Incline Village, Nevada


Posted 2007-10-07

In June of this past year, I began experiencing severe pain in my coccyx. I am still not sure why I began having this issue. It was probably a combination of a traumatic childbirth nine months earlier and the fact that I do a lot of sitting on planes and in meetings. The pain became progressively worse, to the point that I was in tremendous pain after a 1 hour plane ride. This presented a significant problem as my work requires me to travel significantly.

I tried seeing a chiropractor I had seen in the past. It helped somewhat, but the pain proceeded to worsen. I then tried physical therapy but unfortunately, experienced no relief.

I then found Dr. Sussman through coccyx.org (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). By the time I saw him, I was desperate. My husband, our 1 year old and I were planning a two week trip to Austria and Italy in two weeks. I was terrified of the 16 hours of flying time. In addition, we had planned to bike through Austria for the first six days of the trip. I wondered if I would actually be able to go.

I met with Dr. Sussman and he assessed me, including sending me for x-rays at the local hospital. I saw him the next day and he manipulated my coccyx. I experienced relief immediately. I saw him two or three additional times before our trip. I also purchased a cushion from Downunderchicago.com that helped my coccyx stay in the position Dr. Sussman had put it in.

I was THRILLED to report back to Dr. Sussman when I returned that I was pain free virtually the entire trip!!!! This included two very long days of air travel, six days of bike riding, and countless trips on trains, buses, ferries, etc. The cushion definitely helped but the majority of my recovery is undoubtedly owed to Dr. Sussman. I can not say enough good things about him.

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