Coccyx pain after spinal surgery

Julia -

Posted 2007-11-04

Hi there

My name is Julia and I would like to tell you about myself and my history leading up to my current coccyx pain - although I will try and keep it brief.

In 2000 after many many years of suffering sciatic pain and being told that I was too young to be having the symptoms at that time that I was it was finally found that I had a severely bulging disc compressing the nerves and I was given emergency surgery in the form of a decompressions and laminectomy at L5/S1. I am pleased to say that after a relatively short recovery time the pain and all symptoms I had suffered for all those years were finally gone.

Unfortunately in July 2006 I suffered yet another disc prolapse and MRI again confirmed nerve compression as the cause for the numbness, weakness and pain in my left leg, ankle foot and toes, surgery again was my only option although I was told that second time round it would be more risky! I obviously decided to opt for the surgery as it had been in my opinion so successful first time round. This however has not been the case. To cut this down a little, I had my surgery on 5th March 2007 and I have been plagued with problems since. I have subsequently had a steroid injection into the joint, intensive physiotherapy and acupuncture to try and alleviate my pain. I had another MRI scan last week as the problems persist but I am advised by my Orthopedic consultant that my problems now probably stem from scar tissue from the two surgeries.

Now nearly seven months on I am still in pain where I was originally, all physio and acupuncture has been stopped as the poor physio no longer knows what to do with me and for the last four weeks I have been suffering on top of this pain the most excruciating coccyx pain. This pain is definitely worse on sitting and even more so when I reach over at my work station or try to get up from my seat. The physio when I spoke to her about it suggests that I may have a problem with my hips, but having read some of the articles on the web site I am wondering if it could possibly be neuropathic pain of deferred pain from my surgery?

Oh and by the way I am only 33 years old and like many of the other sufferers I feel 80 most days.

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