Fractured coccyx - now severe pain

Beth -

Posted 2007-04-29

Hello All,

3 & 1/2 years ago, I gave birth to my son. I thought that I had a relatively easy birth, until the epidural wore off...I pushed for less than 5 minutes. We later found out that I had double fractured my tailbone. The pain was severe and it was 10 months before I was able to go back to work. The bone doctors blamed it on nerve damage, and vice-versa. The doctors also said that all breaks heal within 3 months, so they didn't know why the pain was still existing. Along with the pain in my tailbone area, I had pain and swelling in my vaginal area as well. No one could explain that one to me...It was as if the whole area was inflamed. I went to many doctors and had many sessions with a massage therapist/chiropractor. Maybe that helped. I am not sure what did - it may have just been time that I needed.

Over the years, the pain pretty much disappeared. I felt pain after sitting in the car for a long time and I was still unable to ride a bike, but I was about 85% healed.

Fast forward to December 2006 (I was about 4 months pregnant at that time)...I knew that I was risking it when we decided to get pregnant, but I thought that by opting for a c-section, I might not break my tailbone again and would possibly not have the pain. I began feeling pain in early December when exercising. In January it became pretty severe, and by the end of Feb, I had to stop working altogether as I could not stand up (I am a teacher) for long periods of time. I am bedridden at this point (and have been since mid-March) and am scheduled for a c-section on May 16th.

I am writing as the doctors do not know why I am experiencing this pain right now. Is it nerve damage recurring? Is it the pressure of the baby on my tailbone area? Has anyone experienced this while carrying a child? I have read numerous accounts of pain after giving birth and wonderful (as well as horrible) stories of having another child, but have never read anything about anyone feeling pain while carrying...Is there anyone reading this who has experienced this?

Does anyone have any advice for me or information that might help? I am hoping that after having the c-section the pressure will be relieved, but who know? Any information that anyone might have is much appreciated.



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