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Ashley - bzash@aol.com

Posted 2007-06-03

I am a 33 year old female residing in Sarasota, Florida. Six weeks ago, I fell on the pavement and dislocated my tail bone. The top of my coccyx is pulled away from the base of my spine and goes in at a right angle. Needless to say, I am in a great deal of pain and am taking about 4000 mg of loratab a day along with flexeril and mobic. The good news is that I feel like it is getting a little better because it only hurts when I move as opposed to all of the time. I am walking better and have more endurance than I did even a couple of weeks ago.

What concerns me know is that I notice that I have a constant pressure down by my rectum that nothing seems to help. I go to physical therapy twice a week and this does not help it either. I am getting very nervous that this will be as good as it gets with my injury.

Supposedly, I am in with a very reputable Dr. that specializes in spine injuries although he is taking a wait and see approach. He did discuss the option of having cortisone shots after my fracture heals if I feel like I am not up to par. However, he did not want to put it back in place when my injury first happened. Should he have? Will the cortisone shots help with the pressure that I am felling? I want to get this under control ... I go back to the Dr. on June the 14th and would like to have my treatment plan decided on.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Update, 2008-06-08

So, to make a very long and painful story short, I dislocated my coccyx on April 14, 2007. It has been the longest year of my life. I am not able to work for more than 4 hours every other day. I am now 34 years old and really want my life back. (I am sure that every body that is on this web site feels the same way.) For over a year, I have been taking 10 milligrams of lortab approx. 4 times daily. (which by the way, I am so sick of taking it I could scream.) I finally got into see a pain management doctor. His name is Dr. Miguel. He at first offered me stronger pain killers and I was not too keen on that approach. After he reviewed my X rays he renewed my faith in the medical profession. He informed me that my tail bone is dislocated at the joint. It bends inwards at a right angle. I was having a ton of pain not only at the dislocation, but up into my lower back and upper thighs.

His medical opinion was that my tail bone was pressing into a nerve called the ganglion impar, which would explain the severe radiating pain that I was having. He gave me 2 ganglion impar nerve blocks. By the way, this is not a painful procedure. Find a doctor that will give you sedation and it is not a big deal. After the first block, I was a little more sore than normal, but with in 2 days, I could sit like a regular person and almost walk like one. The second nerve block gave me even better results. I still have to take narcotics, but instead of my pain never being less that a 4 or 5, there was 4 long days when I did not even feel like I was injured.

It was just what I needed, for a while there I was feeling very sorry for my self and not a lot of fun to be around. Since my husband and I waited to have children, I was then getting depressed about that. If this injury had not happened, we would have liked to have our first child at the beginning of 2008. Dr Miguel encouraged me to go to my ob/gyn. My ob/gyn said they like to see at the very least 10 centimeters between your coccyx and your birth canal. I am 4 to 6 centimeters at best. Not to mention, that if my tail bone was not surgically removed at the break, I would have to continue with narcotics through my pregnancy. This is where I draw the line.

So, Dr. Miguel has referred me to a surgeon in Sarasota by the name of Dr. Feiertag who is in with the Kennedy White Orthopedic group. Dr. Miguel assures me if they take that broken tip off that is protruding into my body at a 90 degree angle, I will be back to my self in no time flat. I go for my surgical consult June 18th and I have never been so excited to see a doctor in my life. Sure, I am human and scared of hospitals, needles, stitches and the like. But I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am very interested to know if this has happened to any one else. I don't like surprises and am not scared to hear worst case situations. I also would like to know if any one out there has had a break at the joint of the coccyx and had the broken part removed and what the recovery is like.

Feel free to email me at bzash@aol.com. My name is Ashley. I wish all of you suffering with this the very best and I know its hard, but do not let it defeat you.

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