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Linda Hodskins -

Posted 2007-03-18

Hi, my name is Linda Hodskins, I live in Owensboro Kentucky. I have been having coccyx pain for about 2 years. My primary doctor has done all the x rays, MRI and CT scans. I even had a colonoscopy. All were negative. I have seen neurologist, neurosurgeons, and pain management doctors in the surrounding areas of Kentucky. None of them could help me. The pain management doctor tried blinded steroid shots, which were very painful. I use wedge cushions to sit, but cannot sit for a long time even with the cushions. The pain has definitely altered my life style, and the way I sit. I stand all the time.

After another disappointing trip to Nashville Tennessee to see a spine specialist, I found Dr Patrick Foye. He is located in Newark New Jersey at the New Jersey Medical School. This would be a 14 hour drive for me. I emailed Dr Foye and explained my situation, and felt he could help me. I called the office and they worked with me on scheduling a appointment that would work with a flight we could get. His office gave me advise to stay around the airport and taxi to the office. My appointment was on a Thursday morning, and Dr Foye and his staff evaluated me and in order to get the most out of my trip, set up the sit/stand x-ray the same day. They gave me another appointment that afternoon to do the fluoroscope and injection if I would need them.

After looking at my x-rays, it showed that the top segment of my coccyx bone moved when I was laying down and when I go to stand up. Dr Foye felt I would benefit from the coccyx injections to my ganglion impar and a steroid shot around the part of the segment that is moving. Dr Foye and his staff used the fluoroscope to guild them to the correct spot. They used dye to make sure they were in the right spot before they injected the steroid and or numbing medicine. I felt only a slight needle prick and occasional some pressure when the medicine was being injected.

My pain relief was instant. For the first time in 2 years I was without pain. I knew the numbing medicine would wear off, but when it did my pain level went from a 10 to a 4. Dr Foye had me come back in the next morning to reevaluate me before we fly home to Kentucky that evening. He went ahead and did another shot to my ganglion impar to see if we could get the pain level even lower. The steroid shot was not repeated (it takes several days to start working).

I am now little to no pain when I sit and especially when I stand up. I am around a 1 to 2. I will definitely make the trip again, to keep the shots going.

Dr Foye will work with you to make the most of your trip, and his goal is to truly stop the pain and give you your life back. It is so worth the trip. It was great to meet a doctor that truly cares and his bed side manner is the best. His staff is also wonderful. I got the best care I have ever received in my life. If you are suffering and can not find anyone to help and no other treatment has helped, Dr Foye is your answer. He was definitely mine. You can find him as I did on (see Doctors and specialists in the USA).

Good Luck

Linda Hodskins

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