Almost pain-free after two sessions of Dry Needling

Belinda -

Posted 2007-01-21

My story begins in October 2005 when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I had no problems with my previous 2 pregnancies but at 20 weeks whilst sitting at my desk I started to feel pain in my coccyx. Thinking it was just that I had been sitting too long I dismissed it.

After a week of pain I decided to see my GP and whilst walking down my driveway I slipped and landed on my butt.......... I can't describe the pain but I can tell you that I would have a C/section (have now had 3) any day as I don't believe it is as painful as the pain I had in my coccyx.

As I was pregnant my GP gave me panadol and said to sit on a cushion and that the pain should start to disappear in a few weeks. Well she was very wrong. I continued to have the pain until I gave birth to my daughter via c-section as 39 weeks.

I was pain free for 10 weeks after I had the baby and then that pain came back. I was sent for an x-ray - negative. I was then sent for a CT scan - Negative for coccyx but an L5 pars defect (I had never had any problems from this). I was sent to have physio and after 3 months and no pain relief and alot of money I gave that up. Since I was still in so much pain and since I was breastfeeding (this was very painful as I had to sit for 40 mins every 4 hours) my GP sent me for a cortisone injection done under fluoroscopy. This gave relief for about 1 week. Six weeks later I was sent for another and this was very painful to have done as this time it was injected into the Sacro-Coccygeal joint and at the tip of my coccyx. This injection lasted about 4 months.

Now I was getting depressed about the whole thing and still in alot of pain so I went and got a second opinion. She referred me to a great Osteopath and Physio who specialises in the sacrum - coccyx region and also does dry needling (acupuncture). They both came to the conclusion that it was muscle dysfunction. The ligaments and muscles that join your sacrum and coccyx with your pelvis are either too tight or dysfunctioning and pulling your coccyx and sacrum out of place. My Sacro-Illiac joint was also affected. This could be because I fell on my butt whilst pregnant and the muscles and ligaments in my pelvis all went into spasm to protect the pelvis. I was also told that this can happen to anyone and is more common after a trauma to the sacrum or coccyx.

I am now seeing the osteopath every 3 weeks to make sure that my pelvis is in place and I have just had my 2nd round of dry needling this afternoon. It was right into the Glut Max , Piriformis muscle and some other ligament. I am sitting on my chair typing this to you and not in pain (only where the needles went in). It will be sore tomorrow as it feels like your butt is bruised from the needles going into the muscles, but by day 3 it is great and I can't tell you how good it is to be able to sit on the floor with my 3 children and play with them & not be in extreme pain.

I feel that I might finally be on the road to recovery after 18 months of pain. I hope that my story might help any people out there. As my story shows your pain might not be coming directly from your coccyx but from your butt your pelvic muscles and ligaments.

If you would like the name of the Osteopath and the Physio (they are located in the Penrith region in Sydney Australia) please feel free to e-mail me at

Thankyou for reading my story and good luck in your search for a pain free life.


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