Why do I still feel the pain?

Anonymous - elenishif@gmail.com

Posted 2007-01-28

It all started when I was on the 7th month of the second child pregnancy. It was painful. The second child is now three years old. I have almost lost all the baby weight that I've gained during that pregnancy. But why do I still feel the pain???

I have tried chiropractor for about 4 month but the relief is just for certain hours. I've seen two orthopedics. One of them said comforting the tailbone by cushions, patches... the other one said steroid injection. Cushions and patches make me feel better when I sit. Didn't take the injection yet. But why do I feel the pain after all these years??

Is anyone experiencing same problem after certain years of pregnancy???????? If yes what are you doing to make you feel better?????

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