Prolotherapy for tailbone pain

Jackie -

Posted 2007-10-28

This is a must read for anyone (like myself) living with coccyx pain... please go to this link This link has information on a procedure called "Prolotherapy." I have been dealing with tailbone pain since I gave birth to my daughter 15 months ago! My husband came across this new information and I have an appointment with a Doctor in MA in December. I hope this information helps! It is a safe, natural way to go about healing this problem - which we all should have been told about in the beginning!!! I truly believe that this will help everyone out there!!!! (But see Update below)

Note from Jon Miles: see also Prolotherapy

Anyways, Here is my story... My name is Jackie and I'm also 26, and I live in Massachusetts. I gave birth to my daughter 15 months ago. No tailbone break or anything, but I did push for 2 hours with my legs up and the nurse had me grabbing my ankles when I pushed...a very unnatural way to push...and when my daughter was being born, I tore down there. I didn't start having "tailbone pain" until 3-4 weeks after birth. The pain just escalated to the point where I could not sit at all, and my husband had to stay home from work. Breastfeeding in agony (using the inflatable cushion) was no fun!

After seeing several dr.'s, and mri's, x-rays, I still had no answers. Then I found this website. I live in Massachusetts, and from the website I found Dr. Patrick Foye, and I flew down to New Jersey to see him. Dr. Foye did injections right in that area, and I was pain free, but skeptical because I was numb from the anasthetic... I found my pain temporarily relieved, but then it slowly escalated to where I am right now- able to sit, but not for long! This pain just seems relentless, and doesn't want to go away! I started going to Pilates I think 6 months ago? and, I admit that I am much stronger physically now (no lower back pain anymore, which I had from sitting funny because of the tailbone pain)...

My pain is weird because once in a blue moon I have almost no pain- but only lasts about a day. (the last time I had no pain was 3 weeks ago, ugh..) My Pilates studio does muscle release (the most intense deep tissue massage you could ever imagine) basically I have been going 3x a week for 2 hours each time....1st hour- muscle release, 2nd hour pilates to strengthen me. Doing this has made a huge improvement. I recommend this to everyone with "tailbone pain" because It's possible that the underlying issue may be that you are feeling pain because tight muscles can throw anyone's alignment off, and press on nerves causing that unbearable pain.

Update, 2007-11-11

I was going to try prolotherapy, but changed my mind after talking to people about it. I was also about to go back down to NJ to see Dr. Foye again for another injection, and also changed my mind. I changed my mind because this past Saturday 11/3 (I was supposed to go see Dr. Foye this past Monday 11/5) I was getting up from sitting and felt that awful pain, something in my tailbone area popped- and after that my pain was gone!

I remained pain free for a few hours after that. So I realized that maybe it was possible that my tailbone was popping in and out of place or something. I canceled my trip down to NJ. Then I went online and found a chiropractor.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday (11/7) and brought my x-rays that I had taken over a year ago when my pain first started. The chiropractor took a look at my x-rays and determined right away what my problem was. It turns out that the scoliosis that I have had since I was a kid was the culprit. I have an extreme curve at the end of my spine, from the sacrum down. Having this curve in the first place, and then giving birth have caused me to be sitting on the tip of my coccyx- causing me this awful pain - because you're not supposed to be sitting on that part of the coccyx!

This was an amazing amount of information for me to learn (finally) after suffering for 15 months. What happens when a woman is giving birth, is that the hormones produced during pregnancy allow the ligaments and muscles to loosen and move the tailbone up and out of the way in order for the baby to pass through. Now when this happened to me, my sacrum was already screwed up. My tailbone had moved out of the way, but never went back to it's normal position. Now add giving birth to a 8 lb. 9 oz. baby that came down sideways causing horrible back labor, bumping and pushing up against all of the bones down there, and there you have the problem!

So my chiropractor is going to adjust everything vigorously for the next 2 weeks, and then re-evaluate me from there. Will keep everyone updated!

I hope that my experience can steer someone in the right direction! Pilates + muscle release + chiropractor! (From my experience, all of these "doctors" giving out injections, etc. are just using band-aids because they are not able to find out what the underlying problem is. They need to figure out what is really going on with someone's spine in order to fix the problem).

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