Grinding sensation, then pain when sitting

Kharis -

Posted 2007-08-12

Hi readers,

About June 16th this year I just woke up one day with a grinding sensation (no pain) in my coccyx region which I could feel while walking. I suffered this approx 2 weeks hoping it would go away. I haven't had a fall or injury and haven't had any children. The only thing I have ever suffered from is constipation and sometimes I have strained while on the loo.

About 2 weeks on from that date I started to get pain while sitting, and could feel a clicking instead of a grinding and the click was very painful and I had to be careful how I sat. I went to my GP and they said to take pain killers but they didn't seem to touch it and I wanted to be reminded of the pain so I would sit correctly.

The pain, rather like getting kicked in the bum on raising from sitting has got worse. I went to see an osteopath but he charged me 35 pound just for me to lie on his hand for 1/2 hour and I didn't think, and he didn't think he could help much. I went to see my chiropractor having suffered with upper back probs all my life and he sorted my top back out and massaged the coccyx area and for one week I could sit without my home made cushion at work and felt almost normal again although the clicking was there the pain wasn't with it.

I was told to do pilates etc to help with my pelvis and last Thursday after a class I awoke on the Friday to really bad pains again and feeling once again disabled in this region and not able to sit without the cushion etc.

I have a physiotherapist booked through my GP next Friday and don't know how successful that will be.

I'm not sure whether the exercise has put me back to where I started or what and am feeling very depressed with it. I would prefer not to have surgery or injections. I have had acupuncture before so that doesn't really bother me if I know it will help, although I am a needle phobe.

I am so desperate and want to try and get it sorted before it is too late.

If anyone knows of an exercise that might help or has a similar experience to me please get in touch. I feel very depressed and isolated and don't want to spend my life in pain. All I seem to be thinking about at the moment is what I can't do..and it really scares me.

Thanking you

Kharis, 33 year old female

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