Wanting advice before surgery

Adrienne - barclay_a@mitchell.edu

Posted 2007-11-04

About two years ago at 21 years old I was in a bad car accident. I ended up breaking a lot of bones. Including my L-4, L-5 AND S-1 vertebrae. I had surgery once I was stable enough. Since the surgery I've been in a lot of pain and have never recovered completely. I consistently complained for two years about pain in my tail bone and pain running down my legs. The pain clinic gave me medicine and finally shots around the metal in my spine. That didn't help so when I called about the tail bone pain they told me there was not much else they could do and needed to go back to my orthopedic. Frustrated I made the appointment. They did x-rays suspecting that my coccyx was broken. It was obviously pointed inward. They knew I wouldn't be happy about the diagnosis and the suggestion of surgery. My doctor admitted to me that it was damaged in the accident and that they didn't catch it. I had to ask them, if I had broken my spine, my lower spine why hadn't they looked at the whole thing? In the two years I've complained of pain in that area they dismissed it, they didn't think to look, why? Then I ask myself, have I been in pain for two years because of my doctors mistake? We are all human and make mistakes but this is something so serious I cant believe it was overlooked.

I've gone on to get different opinions. My doctor suggests that I get a shot first to see if it helps. Another doctor says not even to bother and just get the surgery. I personally do not want the shot. The three that I have already received have been so painful I cant imagine getting another one. I have been in pain far too long and just want the solution. I am 23 years old and a law student and swim coach. I want a pain free life. At the same time I am scared. My first surgery was so traumatic and I realize this procedure is less invasive but I am still wary. If anyone has any suggestions or tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much,


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