Should I see another doctor?

Erin -

Posted 2007-11-18

Early in September, I fell on my bum on a slippery marble ramp in Istanbul and ended up laying against it. I could walk and so refused medical help. I just thought I needed ice. The next day, I was sore and could not really bend and lift my leg without pain. A day later, a doctor put me through a range of motion test and determined nothing was broken. He gave me 3 days of anti inflammatories. A week later, the chiropractor did the same thing and did a small adjustment, but did not pop my right hip which may have taken care of the problem. It still hurt to lower myself to the ground and sit or lay on hard surfaces.

2 weeks after the fall, I saw a physical therapist in Istanbul who x-rayed me as I was still having pain in my right lower back. She thought it would be a soft tissue injury and gave me 2 weeks anti inflammatories. The radiologist said I broke my coccyx at the tip and that it was pointing right. I sat on a flight for 4 hours to London and days later, I started to have a burning irritation in my skin of the genital to ishium area. I then got a donut and it did not help. I saw a nurse who said that the minor numbness and pain could be from the bone healing and hitting nerves.

I flew to America without the donut and ached a little that night. I thought I'd rest the bone, and it would get better. The burning seemed to get worse for a week and when I pushed on the ishium bone it seemed to get numb. I went to my chiropractor, finally, who compared the new and old x-rays and he said it did not look broken to him, but I did jam my sacroiliac joint, which I suspected. The pudendal nerve was irritated. After the first adjustment, the burning seemed to go away and it has come back and gone many times since he has been adjusting me (3 weeks).

I really have no pain near the coccyx area, but sometimes it or the ishium aches. I still feel like I'm sitting on bones/lumps right near the tailbone. Some numbness is in my legs but not continuously. I hope I do not get the intense pain that I have read about, but I want to know if this is ever going to go away. Should I see another doctor?


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