Coccyx surgery withe Dr Mathis

Lee -

Posted 2007-09-23

My name is Lee. I have been dealing with coccyx problems for years. I have been x-rayed, tested, had the injections with Pain Management, which helped a little. Pain management was a temporary help, not long and the pain was back.

I have researched on the web trying to locate a Dr. that knew what I was experiencing. Through research I had located a Dr in Charlotte NC and had an appointment with him in Oct 2007. Finally I found someone locally that had had the same problem and had used a doctor in Corinth Mississippi. His name is Dr Robert P Mathis (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Mississippi). I made an appointment with him on Thursday and he scheduled me for surgery Monday. When I went in for surgery I could not stand on my heel on my right foot.

I had the surgery Monday morning and was on my way home with a 2 hour drive at 2.00 pm that afternoon. I came home lying down in the backseat of a 4 door truck. By the way there is no hurting in my heal now.

Day 1 I slept most of the day, very sore and moving really slow, no bruising or bleeding

Day 2 I did a lot of walking and moving very slowly. I finally got a shower which was a big help and my incision was very neat and really unable to see if you were not looking for it. We think a very neat job was done. Still no heel hurting, don't know if it is connected somehow but the hurting has stopped, maybe a nerve was pinched in all that.

Day 3 Tired feeling, moving slow but improving.

I will continue to update as progress goes on.

Update 2007-09-30

Office visit September 25 2007. Went to Corinth 100 miles one way, long hard trip in the back seat of a 4 door pick up laying down. Dr Mathis, (bedside manner lacking) says looks good, come back in a week and might take out stitches. That was all the information I got from a 100 mile trip.

For future, people that have to have this surgery, I recommend a heating pad to have around, it will be your best friend before all is over. Healing is slow and very painful, but it supposedly varies with different people. Will keep updated next week.

Update 2007-10-21

1 month update

Well it has been 1 month today stitches were out 2 weeks after surgery. Dr Mathis says everything is great, expects 100% recovery and to come back in 3 months. I am improving still cannot sit for very long and was advised to sit on one cheek or other only for a few minutes at a time.

The pain I am having is different than it was before the surgery. Still very sore and my lower back aches after all day standing but in my opinion it is better or at least a different kind of pain. Dr Mathis had a better bedside manner and was a little bit easier to talk to when I went back on the 2 week appointment. His surgery was very neat no bruising and no drainage and so far I have not had any problem with the incision coming open or draining. I recommend Dr Mathis to anyone that is having this problem and will be glad to talk to anyone that has questions about this. I will update in January or sooner if problems occur before then.

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