Injured coccyx in childbirth

Melissa -

Posted 2007-09-30

I must say, I am sooo happy to have found this site. I thought I was all alone in this.

I first injured my tailbone during childbirth four years ago. I was told it would probably go away on its own, and I never had an x-ray. The pain faded, but never completely went away. Then I injured it a second time in childbirth 20 months ago. This time I had an x-ray, and it was confirmed that the tip was completely broken off.

I cannot find anyone who will help me! My OB says it will take time, may or may not ever heal, and that nothing can be done. I scheduled an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon and I was quite literally laughed out of the office.

It hurts so bad. I am 26 years old, and all my doctors can tell me is to sit on a donut. Any advice would be appreciated. There's no 'coccyx' doctors in the state of Missouri. Please email me with advice and/or encouragement!

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