Five weeks post-op

Rosy -

Posted 2007-09-09

Hi my name is Rosy. Its been 5 weeks glad to say all is well. 3 years ago I had a bad fall, the pain went from bad to worse over time. Towards the end it felt I was sitting on a piece of cane. Just couldn't take it any more. Had to have my coccyx removed.

I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Stayed in the hospital for six days. Initially was on strong pain killers which enabled me to get up and go to the toilet on 2nd day. Felt very weak but that's has to do with my low blood count which was sorted with transfusion. I am free of that nagging pain I had suffered for a long time.

Yes the recovery period is long but well worth having done. More then half of problem is coping with sitting down without the fear of disturbing the stitches. But hey I am writing this message sitting down that says a lot. I had my op with BUPA at the Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre [Harrow on the Hill, North West London], surgeon Mr Soosai Nathen.

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