Tail bone pain recovery


Posted 2007-09-23

In November of 2005, I began to experience tail bone pain for the first time. I was 44 at the time, and I have been working a desk job for 20 years. It began as slight discomfort, and was not onset by any type of fall. It grew more intense so that within a few weeks, I could not sit for more than 20 minutes at a time without experiencing severe pain especially when I would get up (it would take about a full minute to get out of my chair).

I went to my usual chiropractor a few times with no relief, then I tried a different chiro recommended by a friend, and this second chiro tried to help me a couple times then referred me to Dr. Chris Kemper in Chico, CA, a tail bone specialist.

Dr. Kemper took a number of x-rays of my spine, especially around my neck, which he found to be out of alignment and contributing to some rotation and misalignment in my torso. He uses an anatometer to measure hip alignment. By adjusting my neck primarily and my back secondarily, he was able to realign me over several weeks.

The tail bone pain continued, however, so Dr. Kemper performed a tail bone adjustment, which was a very painful procedure, but it did provide a bit of relief. After this, since I was still experiencing moderate to severe tail bone pain, he suggested that I begin a swimming regimen, combined with pool-side crunches (50 crunches after every 10 laps).

I joined a local health club in February 2006 and began swimming about half a mile 3 times a week. I began to feel less pain almost immediately and consistently. Within a month I was completely free of pain. I have continued the exercise regimen for the past year and a half and continue to feel very well. Occasionally, maybe once a month, I feel a tinge of stiffness in my tail bone, which serves to remind me to continue swimming. I have not felt a need to visit the chiropractor in over a year.

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