I was scheduled for coccyx removal

Terri - cme4rlty@qwest.net

Posted 2007-01-21

My husband and I are finally able to be intimate without pain. Life is great again! I can sit, stand and walk now after 19 months of excruciating pain thanks to Dr. Chris Kemper of Chico, California. My name is Terri of Phoenix, Arizona. One of the best decisions I have ever made is calling Dr. Kemper's office. My injury occurred when I slipped and fell because a floor drain cover had not been secured.

I was carrying a cake that weighed approximately 12 lbs. when my right foot hit a floor drain cover that was not fastened down. My right leg went to the side and back, while my left leg decided to do the same. I went down spread eagle onto a cement floor, hitting my entire pelvic area on the lip of the drain. I did not drop the cake!

I am sure the rest of the story is going to sound a lot like yours. The appointments started, doctor after doctor, therapists, test, x-rays and the pain. My pain was my entire pelvic area, lower and mid back, left side from the mid back to the ankle, and hips. I was unable to sit or stand any longer than 10 minutes and walking was out of the question. Urinating and bowel movements were extremely difficult. I learned from Dr. Kemper this was all because of my fall. One of my doctors told me that I should get used to the back pain as my back was older, and she thought I had female issues!

I was scheduled for surgery to remove my coccyx. This is when I found Dr. Kemper's web page (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA). The surgery was canceled and we were on our way to Chico, California. This is when the "miracle" began.

The trip to Chico was most difficult for me. My husband practically carried me onto the plane, but on the return flight, I almost ran through the airport on my own! Upon our arrival at Dr. Kemper's facility you could just feel the compassion for the patients. This was wonderful after 19 months of being treated as though you had lost your mind.

After my first visit with Dr Kemper I felt immediate relief. Upon completion of the "Fast Track" program, my coccyx is 95% in place, my hips are level and my head is screwed on straight!! Life is great!

Dr. Kemper invented this "miracle" procedure, knows what he is doing, is professional, and most of all he cares about us. He listens to his patients and hears what we are saying. Jennifer, Obie and Kristi are all part of the team that are excellent at their profession and want to see us pain free.

Make the call to Dr. Chris Kemper of Chico, California. If you listen to what he has to say, do as he tells you, then you too will be on your way to recovery. No words can express the gratitude my husband and I have for Dr. Chris Kemper, Jennifer, Obie and Kristi except...

Thank you from the "Bottom of My Coccyx"!!!

Terri - Phoenix, Arizona

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