Tailbone bent inward

Lisa - lisahardy@gmail.com

Posted 2007-07-08

I have been experiencing pain for the past five years although I don't recall any specific injury. At a recent regular annual exam I finally told my doctor about my pain and she took an x-ray. The x-ray showed that my tailbone is bent inward at practically a ninety degree angle.

My general practitioner referred me to a spine doctor. The spine doctor ordered a CT and an MRI in which he found "significant angulation" and told me it was a "big deal" and he is now referring me on to a colorectal surgeon.

I am 27 years old and I am extremely active. I exercise regularly, I walk my two great danes daily, I enjoy water sports and riding my bike and I enjoy riding horses. I am becoming quite depressed thinking about a possible long period of inactivity.

It is my understanding that surgery SHOULD be the last resort. I plan on having children in the next couple of years. My guess is that my tailbone may just be in the way and that having the coccygectomy is the most logical thing to do. If anyone has any thoughts as to this, please email me!!

Now I have to wait for my colorectal surgeon consult. In the meantime I have been given more hydrocodone and I take my donut with me everywhere. I'm so happy I found this site!!

Update, 2007-07-29

My colorectal surgeon recommended that surgery would be my only option for pain relief. But neither he nor the spine surgeon I saw will do my operation. Apparently I have spina bifida occulta which means my back bone didn't fuse around my nerves completely and this makes a coccygectomy more risky.

I have only ONE other surgeon in Omaha to consult with. If he doesn't want to do my surgery, I will have to travel. I need to find a GOOD surgeon close to Omaha, Nebraska. I see one in Greeley and one in Duluth I may consult. Feel free to email me if you've also had to travel for surgery.

Also, for the record, hydrocodone does not help!!

thanks for reading!


Update, 2007-08-05

My "last resort" surgeon in Omaha is retiring and not taking on any new patients. Looks like I will definitely be traveling.

Update, 2007-09-09

I tried "physical therapy" and icing the area and I have a cortisone injection on the 17th. My physical therapist told me to ask the cortisone doctor about a spinal block...anyone know anything about spinal blocks? I'm also visiting a chiro for the first time on the 10th. Meanwhile, still taking hydrocodone and still feeling pain!

I want to again express my gratitude for this site. I have been contacted by several others who read my story. It gives me a great sense of support!

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