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Judy -

Posted 2007-01-14

I had pilonidal cyst excision 35 years ago. Lots of coccyx pain afterwards. Then 5 years later fractured coccyx after breech delivery with forceps. Had to sit sideways on my hip for about 4 months. Pain started to go away after about 3 months. Still hurt somewhat for about 6 months. No one told me what the pain was due to in the hospital. No one acknowledged the pain at all, although I told hospital personnel about it. OBGYN did not acknowledge that it was anything other than normal post delivery pain, and recommended sitz baths, which of course were completely useless. The pain was excruciating.

My father was irritated because I declined to go to a family Christening on the day I was released from the hospital because "my sister-in-law whose baby it was would surely have attended my babies Christening if the situation were reversed." No one ever acknowledged the pain in any way, ever.

Then about 20 years later a physician knocked me right on my ass. I landed pretty hard right on my tailbone. I was a little worried. But nope, all okay. Obviously some issues with this area. Solution seems to be to stay away from doctors at all costs. That is my current plan.

Judy on the Eastside

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