Injections anyone...

Carrie -

Posted 2007-04-22

I've been reading the personal stories on this page for quite some time and I decided that I could no longer deal with the sometimes sharp (when getting up) sometimes dull (when sitting down) pain in my lower back/tailbone. I made an appointment and was horrified as I hate needles anyway, but went in under the fluoroscope and had the injection. I felt really, really, really sick for the rest of the day (due to anesthesia I'm sure,) but I felt VERY stiff for a good 3-4 days. The easiest things made me feel totally wiped out!

It's now almost a week later and I was lying in bed last night and it almost felt as if the muscles in the area were "burning." It's close to feeling like frost bite, but I'm not having much tailbone pain (a bit still) but mostly in the lower back almost as if it's compensating for the pain that was in the coccyx. The injection site was a bit higher up from the coccyx as well and I didn't know if that's where they always give them (Lower back, one on each side of the spine?)

Has anyone else experienced this with injections? If so, how long did it take to go away? When did the pain from the coccyx return (if ever)? I don't think it's an infection, however, I'm a little concerned, but I'll talk to my doc at the follow up - just thought I'd try to get some independent feedback.

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