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Melanie -

I too suffer from coccydynia. I have been to 8 doctors. Some of them said to learn to live with the pain. Some said it was in my head. I have had 5 sets of x-rays and an MRI . . . all of which says everything is normal . . . yeah . . . right. I have taken pain meds, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers . . . of which NONE helped. I have tried Chiropractic, physical therapy and cortisone shots. I have bought every pain relief pillow on the market and spent a LOT of $$ on a foam bed (although it didn't help with the tailbone pain, I get a solid nights sleep. WELL worth the $$).

I discovered something new last week as I wait for my appointment with doctor #9 (pain management- they want to give me injections in my SI joints). God led me to a friend of a friend that had a CHI Machine. I had never seen one of these before, but will try ANYTHING at this point. RELIEF IS ON THE WAY!!!! The first time I tried it, I moved my arms from one position to another. When I did, I felt something in my tailbone "pop". Some of the pressure left immediately.

This WONDERFUL person let me borrow the machine for a week. I use it in the morning for 20 minutes and before bed for 30 minutes. The 2nd day, a knot came up on my hip. I thought "what have I done??" The 4th day, something in that knot "popped" and it melted away. FINALLY. relief!!

If you can find someone who has one of these machines, give it a try. Be careful of imitation machines.

The main thing is, Pray, don't give up and try everything.

Good luck! Thank you for this WONDERFUL site.


chi machine

Updated 2004-01-25

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