Cycling and coccyx injury

Mel B -

I fell from my cycle in April 2002. I still cannot ride my bike, but I have not sold it yet, as I hope to get on it one day.

I am about 50% better than I was, only because of 10 internal manipulations from Dr Durtnall in London, over a 6 month period (see doctors and specialists in the UK). The NHS [UK National Health Service] don't acknowledge the treatment, (or the injury, if they can help it!) as it is 'controversial' and they are frightened of getting sued, but it works, and the NHS said they could do nothing else for me. I had tried physiotherapy, ultrasound, heat treatment, acupuncture, anti depressants, cortisone and an epidural, all to little or no effect.

Don't give up, but don't bike till you're ready!!

I find rocking on a tightly rolled towel wedged between the bum helps, as its important to keep it moving, preferably in the right position!

Good luck, and take care-get some padded shorts!

Updated 2004-02-08

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