Coccyx pain after sitting on a soft surface

Jeromy -

I just wanted to relay my experience so far. I have been having this pain in my tailbone area since about February of 2004. It will come after sitting on a SOFT surface for just a few minutes, and when I stand from sitting on a soft surface. If I sit on a hard surface, like a wooden chair, I am perfectly fine. It also comes rarely when I lay down. I have noticed I can make it worse, when sitting on a soft surface and I flex my "butt muscles". I had a car accident that totaled my car, and broke my arm back late August of 2003, and I fell at work in January of 2004 on ice. But I cant remember if I landed on my butt. I'll also add that do have pretty nasty scoliosis, an 'S' curve that was treated by fusion when I was younger.

I just saw an Ortho about it last week. He seemed to not know a lot. He knew what it was that I described though. He sent me for x-rays right away, which I knew would be fine. He basically gave me some exercises, and had me setup an appointment for December. He said if it is not better he can give me a cortisone injection, and have an MRI taken. He swears up and down after looking at my tailbone that it is not cancer, but I am still worried. I have a grandfather who is dying from uncaught skin cancer that is in his bones.

So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about what my problem is? Also, is prostasis a common thing with coccyx problems? I am noticing that I am peeing more, and the urges come pretty quick and strong. And sometimes after I go I get a real minor burning at the tip of my, well you know. And rarely, once a month, I display some perineum pain. I am 25 years old, no family history of prostate problems, so I am not scared of prostate cancer. If you have any info hit me at

Updated 2004-10-24

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