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Hi, my name is Julia. I had a "fall" on the Jurassic Park ride in Orlando just over a year ago. My bottom left the seat at the top of the ride and landed with a bang during the 80" drop. I am not in pain all the time, like many others it is only if I sit for any length of time. Donut cushions do not help. I need lumbar support and a firm seat to minimise the pain. Having read most of the site, I'm fairly familiar with it, I keep returning as it is so helpful.

I have been to my GP and was offered injections for the pain on one occasion (which I declined) and Amitripyline Hydrochloride on another. Having researched the side effects and needing a clear head for my work I decided not to take the Amitripyline but to try to find a manual therapy. I felt it better to try to fix the cause rather than merely mask the pain.

Reading Helen Buckthorp's experience gave me hope. I contacted her chiropractor but as he only practices in the London area that was difficult. I contacted the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) for advice on chiropractors that had experience on the Logan technique in the Midlands, They were unable to give me any information and would not give any recommendations of a practitioner with successful experience of treating this problem.

After more contacts I was able to identify a practice in my area that had been established for many years and so decided to give it a go. The chiropractor is very nice has excellent communication and patient care skills. he has 30 years experience. I've lost count how many times I have been, I guess it is in the region of 8/10 times. On one occasion I did have some temporary relief which lasted for two days, however on the hole (was that a Freudian slip!) it has not been any better, it is a different pain now, in fact it may be worse. I was prepared to continue for a while longer BUT I have now developed another problem. Two days after a treatment in November I noticed my shoulder was stiff. I mentioned it on my next visit, he felt it would settle down. Three days after my next treatment I had a migraine followed by swelling of my sternoclavicluar joint and an extremely stiff shoulder which hurt. This joint is still swollen a week later although it is slowly improving. This additional problem may not be associated with my coccyx but it seems to me that it could be.

HERE IS THE QUESTION. Has anyone else had any swelling of joints other than the coccyx or lower back? Has anyone had a similar experience with a chiropractor. Any Comments?

I have returned to my GP, I am awaiting an appointment for an x-ray and a blood test. I realise I must wait for the tests and results but in the meantime I am feeling upset at what is happening to me.

Updated 2004-01-11

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