Pelvis and coccyx pain after losing weight

Mary Jo -

I've been dealing with pelvis and coccyx pain since losing a lot of weight. Seems to be a pretty unique problem, doctors and physical therapists just don't know what to do with me! There was no initial injury so they remain unconvinced as to what the cause is. I just try to manage it as best I can, but working at a computer all day has become really painful and uncomfortable for me.

I find the Relaxo-bak helps somewhat but only to a certain extent. I purchased an expensive office chair with a coccyx cutout but since my pain extends to more than the coccyx, this did not help at all (if you're in the DC area and would like to try a coccyx-cutout chair, drop me an email!) Worst of all for me is when I go other public places where I have no control over the seating. Things like going to a long movie are often out of the question and long drives or plane flights...well, this seriously limits my life these days.

I've been through 2 rounds of physical therapy with little to no result. Seems like cortisone injections are next on the list, but I will probably continue my search for a chair that works as well.

A friend of mine suggested something called "prolotherapy", has anyone heard of that?

Note from Jon Miles - See Prolotherapy

Updated 2004-06-20

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