Training after coccyx removal?

Marjaana -

I've suffered from lower back pain and pain in my tailbone for 1,5 years now. I've been to several doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, masseurs and tried to train up my inner muscles. I have in addition had my tailbone 'adjusted' through anus, but without any success. My chiropractor advised me NOT to operate away my tailbone because of the risk of having removed nerves and thus getting more complications. But I have tried everything and am getting really frustrated of being in pain all the time. I am very active 26 old girl and miss all the training I was able to do before. I want my active way of life back!!!

I have a question to all of you who have got your coccyx removed. Are you able to train hard? Running, skiing, paddling, climbing? This is my main concern. I want to train as hard as I did before, but am unsure if the removal of tailbone somehow prevents it? Please tell me your experience!

Another question I have if there is anyone who knows a surgeon in either Oslo, Norway , Sweden, Denmark or in Finland who has operated several tailbones and has a good success rates?

Updated 2004-07-18

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