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Posted 2004-10-31

I am a 24 year old student. My coccyx problem began about year and a half ago (mid 2003). At first the pain would occur when sitting for long period of time (couple of hours), then I would get up for couple of minutes and it would pass. I would describe this sensation like something was tingling from inside. In the beginning of 2004 the coccyx pain increased - it would begin to hurt almost immediately when I would sit down and the more I would sit the more it would hurt. Now I decided to do something about it!

I thought this pain was because of hemorrhoids so I went to see a proctologist. He did a rectal exam (in which he reproduced the pain I was feeling), looked at my MRI scans and diagnosed 'coccydynia'. He then prescribed me brufen (anti-inflammatory pills) and told me to take them daily for two months - then if the pain wears off good, if not - he wouldn't know what to do. While taking brufen for two months I didn't feel any pain. After that two months the pain got back. After that I went to see a couple of other doctors, most of them said they don't know what's wrong, suggesting to me that the problem is in my head. I said to myself: "OK, maybe they are on to something...I'll tell myself it's only in my head.."

In mid 2004 (6 months later) I couldn't stand it any more, so I continued my search for doctor who would tell me what's wrong with me. By now the pain I was feeling would come to me as soon I would do something beside standing or lying on my stomach and it would be impossible to cope with. I would feel pain in back of my head, in the jaw (teeth), sometimes in my legs.

It was then when I discovered this webpage. It helped me to know that it's not all in my head but there are more people like me. It also gave me ideas where to search for help (chiropractors...). I went to see a lot of doctors (about 10), chiros (3), acupuncture (1) and tried various therapies this site suggests. After a lot of money spent and many things tried my healing process was pointing to the last option, and that was coccygectomy (operation to have my coccyx removed).

Only thing I would point out as important in this period was that one of the chiropractors found while examining me internally (finger palpating through the anus). He found restriction in one of my coccygeal joints and while touching it she reproduced my pain while sitting.

Of course before the surgery I checked that I was good candidate for surgery (I had injection of anesthetic into coccyx and dynamic x-ray - both methods described on this website). Actually the dynamic x-ray didn't show much because the coccyx wasn't fully visible in the sitting position, and I didn't want to take them again because in last 3 months I had a lot of x-ray scans - I decided there's nothing to lose since I have tried everything else and I was going to the surgery.

Finally, I found the orthopedic surgeon who made a lot of operations like this and in 10th month (2004) I was scheduled to be operated.

I am very happy because you made this site Jon and showed me options I have. I am also glad I have tried everything before going to surgery.

I suspect my coccyx pain is not completely idiopathic (appearing for no apparent reason), because I had pilonoidal cyst removed 1 year before the coccyx pain first occurred and from my sit/stand x-ray I could see that while sitting the coccyx is directly on the surface of the chair (there is no padding between the chair and the coccyx). I suspect that this padding was removed with the cyst and caused overload off the coccyx. But I'm just guessing here.. anyway I am glad the pain is gone and I can continue with my life (which I wasn't so sure was possible after so many doctors turned me down).

See Doctors and specialists in Croatia.

Update, 2010-06-27

More than 5 years ago I underwent a surgery and am feeling great now. I forgot I ever had such problems. Sometimes someone would ask me how is my back, and then I would remember how much problems I had and how I thought my problems were unsolvable. All is good now :)

And I have a message to all you currently-in-coccyx-pain-people -- Be persistent in finding a solution that suits you best and keep your hopes up!

And of course thank you again Jon for creating this website. It is greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,


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