Coccyx problem 80% improved

Monica Stace -

I developed an extremely painful coccyx problem about 8 months ago after hitting my coccyx on the pointed end of my bike saddle. I had almost constant pain - I was unable to sit down for more than a couple of minutes. Lying down and sleeping was also very painful and I was also becoming really worn out from the lack of sleep.

I live in Holland and consulted my GP here who basically said " it is very common – it will get better". Except it didn't get any better. In fact it was getting worse. I then saw a Manual Therapist her in the Netherlands, who helped me with some general lower back problems but did nothing to ease my coccyx problems. Next I sought out the services of a chiropractor in Amsterdam who again did some general chiropractic procedures with my back ( fairly ineffectively) but could offer nothing to help with me the specific and agonizing coccyx problem other than offering me an ice pack!

At this point I discovered this website and also read of the existence of Dr. Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic in London (see doctors and specialists in the UK) who appeared to have dramatically improved the quality of several people's lives with this very same coccyx problem. So, although I had to travel from Holland to London to see him, I decided it was well worth the cost of a cheap airline ticket if Dr.Durtnall could actually help me as well.

On my first visit Dr.Durtnall used the manipulation technique via the anus as described on this website. Of course, it is not the most dignified of procedures but I can assure the slight embarrassment and discomfort is easily compensated by the dramatic relief in pain and symptoms that this specific manipulation brings. Michael also used acupuncture and laser treatment on the area. After attending the clinic within a couple of days I noticed a dramatic improvement in my condition to being around 50% better. A couple more repeat visits increased that percentage to 80%. I imagine with one more visit combined with the exercise techniques ( in particular Pilates) recommended by Michael I will be basically back to normal. It is certainly a great feeling to sit in the cinema for an entire film without feeling the need to stand up every 5 minutes.

I would highly recommend Dr.Durtnall to anyone with a coccyx problem. It is certainly worth the cost of an Easyjet flight to see him – even if you live outside the UK. I think my coccyx problem has, on the positive side, also made me much more aware of my posture, of the need to work on my back and stomach muscles and the need to have good firm seating at home and in the car. Squishy, low, over-stuffed sofas have completely lost their appeal. It's hard, straight-backed chairs from now on!

Dr. Durtnall also mentioned that the longer you wait to get treatment after your coccyx problem develops, the worse it can be as the bones become fused in the wrong position and harder to manipulate. So, my advice is to book an appointment as soon as possible!

Good luck with sorting out your own problems but don't wait too long to try and get treatment!

Updated 2004-02-08

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