Pain in the . . .

Wendy -

I am going on 39 years old and hurt my coccyx when I was a child ice skating. I hit my butt with the blade when I was eight years old. For many years I kept telling the doctors that my bum hurt, but being a child they never took me seriously.

At age 15 my mom took me to specialist, but there was nothing wrong with me just growing pains. I was in a car accident where I was rear ended with a slight bump from the other car. I went to a chiropractor for whiplash, he took x-rays and noticed the coccyx was bent. He told my to go and see my GP and tell him that he found my coccyx was bent and that I needed to have surgery. My GP sent me for more x-rays and said that there was nothing wrong with my coccyx and it was bent just a little so it shouldn't cause me that much pain. I told my GP that I was tired of the pain and wanted to see a orthopaedic specialist. He assured me that no one would be able to help me ( this went on for 6 months).

Finally he made an appointment with a specialist, which I had to wait for 8 months to get in and see him. Meanwhile it hurts to sit, stand, walk, lay down, and my lege are starting to go numb. I have tried Vioxx, and other anti-inflammatories but the have not helped me.

My first meeting with the orthopaedic, I brought my x-rays for him to look at and save time. He said he looked at them, told me that it is not that bad and to just take warm baths for one month to see if this would help me (it didn't). One month after I go back to him and tell him that it didn't help me he does an internal and once again he tells me to sit in hot water. I go back to him one month later after that and he tells then that he just looked at my x-rays and that my coccyx is 90% bent and realizes that nothing with help me except surgery.

My surgery is in September and I am terrified to get it done I have a young family, (one going on five and the other is three and a half). The pain is so bad at times that I fell sick to my stomach. I am not much of a pill taker but now I'll have too start because I can't deal with it anymore.

Is it normal to have you legs go numb in any position (even laying down)?

Updated 2004-07-11

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