Pain in the backside cured

Alan Palmer -

I am writing to tell you about my wife who has had a pain in her backside (no not me) for about a year.

She has had scans, x-rays, and the doctors decided she had arthritis and gave her painkillers and patches for her pain, but it was constant, and she was even talking that she couldn't go through life in pain like this and her thoughts were turning to suicide.

As a last resort a friend of ours told her about a person in Troon here in Scotland who had done wonders for her when she had a problem. He is named Jan De Vries.

My wife made an appointment and duly went to Troon. She said he was a man of few words, he asked her where the pain was and right away said ''up on the couch'' where he proceeded to administer acupuncture and told her to lie there for 10 minutes when he would return to put her back in (she did know it was out). When he came back he pulled at her feet then took one leg and pushed it over her head, then the same with her other leg, and both times she heard a loud crack, but it was not painful. She said then he said ''is pain away'' and when she said ''yes'' he said '' You have another appointment in a month, you not need it cancel it ''. When she asked if she should take her painkillers he said ''you do not need them'' and when she asked did she have arthritis he gave an abrupt ''no'' and walked out of the room.

It was up to the nurse or assistant or whatever their title is in these places to inform her that her coccyx was out of line, and he had put it back in, and that she would feel tender for a while. But the pain like someone had stuck a red hot knife in her backside has gone and she is a different person.

How can all those scans, x-rays, and visits to the doctors not show this problem up when a glance from someone, who to be honest I would have thought previously was a quack, solved it?

I have since done some research on him and he is world renowned. If you put his name in the Google search engine it will give you information about him. I can't praise him highly enough. Our family is deeply grateful to him and the price of this £25, the price of a meal for two, and included in that was tablets to make the joints more supple, and there was a price tag of £17 on them.

I hope this helps anybody who is going through the same thing.

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Updated 2004-11-07

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