Marble-sized hard lump

Kait -

For about a year now, I've had a marble-sized lump just on my right butt cheek near the crack. It was hard, almost like a callus, but didn't cause any pain except when handled. Then, just before Christmas 2003 I woke up with tailbone pain. There was no injury or trauma to the site I can recall, but ever since the pain has become worse. Sitting at the computer, or car rides of more than 20 minute duration, hard chairs, etc, all contribute to the pain.

I've tried pain killers, hot soaks, heating pads, cushions, but nothing helps. I went to the doctor a month ago but she said 'just wait and see'. Wait and see what? If it turns into a open-sinus cyst? If I throw my back out trying to find better sitting positions?

My mother had a cyst operated on last year in the same area. My father had cysts removed from his underarms in his teens. The doctor knows this, but did NOTHING. No x-rays, ultrasounds, nothing. I'm going to a different doctor this week, so maybe something new will come of it.

Thank you for all the information on this site. Some of it is pretty scary, but better to know that be in the dark, alone.

This has to stop because I'm a writer and NEED to spend time at the keyboard. This is impacting my career.

Updated 2004-03-14

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