Tailbone pain started about 4 months ago...

Jackie - jgreenspan33@yahoo.com

Original posting, 2004-09-05:

Hello. I just found this site, and would really like to share my experience in the hopes that someone could provide me with some feedback or advice. This problem is causing me to feel very hopeless and depressed. I'm a 32 year old female with no children. About 4 months ago, while driving to work, I noticed some soreness in my tailbone, but figured I just "slept the wrong way," and ignored it. It has never gone away, and I cannot sit anywhere without pain unless it is on a donut cushion. (no long car rides, movies, sitting at parties, etc. without pain).

X-rays turned out normal, so I went to an orthopedic surgeon, who offered me pain medication, which I refused (there is only pain when I sit, or stand up from a sitting position.) Besides, I want to find the source, not just treat the symptoms! He is ordering a CT scan now.

What really annoyed me was that today he said to me, "You say you get relief when you sit on the donut cushion. So what's the problem? Just make sure you always have it, everywhere you go." Is it just me, or is it ridiculous to assume I should be content to carry a pillow around with me for the rest of my life, to every party, restaurant, movie, wedding, meeting, car ride, in short EVERYWHERE I go? This is simply not an option to me, and I told him this.

Probably the most upsetting thing about this is that I had been hoping to start a family soon, and now I cannot imagine the painful pregnancy and labor I would have with this problem. I'm afraid to even try to get pregnant, knowing that even among people who have never had tailbone pain, pregnancy and labor often causes it. My husband and I have waited many years to get to the point of being ready to have a child, and now I feel all my plans and dreams are being put on hold, until they "figure this out."

I'm sorry if I've been long-winded in telling this, and would really appreciate any info. or help anyone could provide. I live in Long Island, New York. Does anyone have any great experiences with any health practitioners in this area? After reading so much on this site about different treatments, both traditional and alternative, I don't know where to start and would rather see someone that comes highly recommended.

Thanks so much for "listening!"

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