Seeking help for coccydynia

Gail Dittenber -

Dear Reader:

I can not sit for long and have to kneel or stand to type this. I am a retired RN and massage therapist, 58 years old. Have 3 grown children. First child born 39 years ago. I was in labor 3 days and then emergency C-section.

Pain started 1 1/2 years ago while working at computer. One week earlier I had taken a bumper car ride with grandchild. The pain was gradual. Now it is intractable. Take meds every 4 hours. Have fear of addiction and tolerance to Yoga...heat/ice...prayer...cry...prayer...cry...and so on.

I have been to every doc imaginable...Emory et al...most recently saw a Physiatrist who did EMG..shows no nerve damage...MRI shows disc bulges from L1 to S1...the pain is not coming from there, it is coming from the sacrum/coccyx and connecting abductors, glutes and gracilis muscles.

I await something called an ablative consult. This in a week or so. Can anyone tell me if there is hope. I am very near saying the unsayable. Please, your advice will be gratefully accepted.

Gail Dittenber

Updated 2004-08-08

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