I hurt my tailbone while riding a water slide

Eva - sprookjesfiguur@hotmail.com

About a week and a half ago I hurt my tailbone while riding a water slide. In the beginning I assumed that the pain would go away by itself, but when I kept complaining about the pain my boyfriend took me to the hospital. Since I am in Korea now and I do not understand the language I often don't know what is happening. But what I do understand is that my tailbone is bent which means that I am missing cartilage between the two last bones. I got two injections in my butt which made me almost completely pain-free for a day. But now I have to handle 8 pills a day.

In a week I have to go back to the hospital if I am still in pain, which is very likely.

I find myself lucky to be in Korea because it is normal to sit on the floor while eating. Sitting with my legs bent under me seems to be not so painful.

But what I am really worried about is that by the end of this month I have a 16 hour flight to go back to my hometown. I already have trouble sitting out a movie, so I don't know how I will cope with that. Does anybody know if it is possible to get a better seat (where I can move around better) with a doctor's notice?

I am sorry for all the people with butt pain in the world. I hope it will pass soon.

Updated 2004-07-18

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