My pain in the butt :)

K Michael -

I just love that title. :) But I hate the pain that it speaks of. As I write this story, I am in pain. Not bad enough to cry, but bad enough to know that there is something seriously wrong and I need to have it checked by someone who knows what they are looking for.

I first noticed my ache in 2003. I had moved from the country into the city limits and was driving less, but sitting at my NEW computer more. I thought I was sitting too long in one position, so I began taking 'computer breaks.' I would get away from the computer chair for 15 or so minutes at a time every couple of hours. I thought that it worked, but I was sadly mistaken. My pain came back with a vengeance.

This pain would come and go, but each time it came back longer and stronger. I even ran out of the 'computer newness' and began sitting on my soft couch longer. I started selling Avon and walking more, therefore losing weight. Nothing helped.

The clincher for me was the day that I walked into my home office with the ache and sit down at my computer to check my emails and online group messages. When I was done, I stood up and, if my desk and wall weren't so close together, I would've collapsed. My right leg was numb. It's almost as if it were asleep, but there was a pain in my lower right back that travelled down my right butt cheek, almost splitting my lower half into sections. I sat back down in my chair softly and called my husband crying. I told him that I could not feel my leg and that I couldn't walk. He said, 'stay put, I'll be home'. My chair was killing me, so I had eased myself into the floor and lay myself across the mat that my computer chair rolls on. It was cool and it felt nice on my back. Within 15 minutes he was home and helping me off the floor. . When we got to the hospital Emergency Room, I was put in a wheelchair and rolled into the waiting room. I waited there for several minutes, then was transferred into the back to a room in one of the darkest corners of the hospital. I was in pain, crying and couldn't walk, but they gave me NOTHING for pain, no blanket to cover up (I was also cold). I lay in that hospital bed talking to my husband for a while before the x-ray tech came and took me to x-ray They twisted me and turned me and took x-ray of my lower back. They found nothing abnormal. After hours at the Emergency Room, I was seen by a Physician's Assistant, which basically means a student who knew nothing about my pain, and then given a prescription for Lortab and released to go home.

I still have no idea what caused my pain that day to be so severe, but I haven't had anything like it since. I do, however, hurt in the tailbone area all day every day. It is sometimes so severe that I can not sit comfortably at all. I sit on pillows, blankets, I try to shift my weight every few minutes. I sometimes have to sleep with a pillow between my knees at night because the pressure across my hips is unnerving.

When I go to the bathroom for a bowel movement, it hurts me so bad that I want to scream. Especially when I have to push...

I know nothing of medical conditions....but I would LOVE to find out the cause of this pain. I am only 33 years old...I have alot of energy to expend yet...and I would like to do it PAIN FREE!!!!!!!!

Thank you for this site. I thought I was going crazy or being a worry wart for nothing. Now when people say "You sit too much".. I can say, 'that's not the reason I hurt'.


K. Michael

Oklahoma, USA

Updated 2004-06-13

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