Soft tissue damage

Anonymous -

I am a 19 year old male from Egypt, I've been suffering from coccydynia 5 months, but the pain is at the right area near the coccyx because I don't feel any pain when I press on the coccyx itself but I feel pain when I press on the right area near the coccyx.

I went to an orthopedic surgeon who told me that it's a soft tissue damage, so he gave me (NSAID) and advised me to sit on a doughnut-shaped pillow as I can.

Actually, this kind of medication made me 60% improved, but after 1 week the pain seems to starting come back again, so I took the (NSAID) again and this time it made me 90% improved, when I stopped taking it the pain didn't come back again this time, thank God.

I am now free of any type of medications for about 4 weeks, and the pain didn't come back but my question is, can I be 100% improved with time? I now only feel a discomfort feeling in the coccyx area but not a pain feeling.

If my orthopedic surgeon gives me a cortisone injection, will it give me a permanent relief from this discomfort or a temporary one?

Updated 2004-06-27

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