Trying Brenda's self-manipulation


Posted 2004-01-04

I read what Brenda wrote (see Brenda's story) and tried it on myself, and now I am almost pain free. I had been having a great deal of pain for 18 months for no apparent reason. I had visited doctors, had x-rays done, and taken anti-inflammatory medications. Nothing seemed to help. After reading the procedure Brenda described, I tried it and now I am much better. Some days I don't even think about my coccyx!

In addition to what Brenda described, I have been sitting on a coccyx pillow at home and I carry a buckwheat neck pillow to sit on away from home. But most of the time, now I can sit in a regular chair and drive without a pillow. Your site has greatly helped me and I truly appreciate the work you do to keep it updated.

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