Pain came back after the injury

Winda -

I had a terrible experience when I fell on a 13 steps staircase 10 years ago. I slipped on high heel shoes at school and went rolling down with my butt and landed on my left side. I have experienced multi injury on my left side. I am still suffering at this time. My tailbone pain was excruciating but went away almost 5 years ago but I know that it can trigger later on. I thought it would flare up after delivering my child in 1996. But thank God it didn't.

Now, I have experienced the pain again as I did not go to any physical therapy or a chiropractic when it happened. I waited to be seen for 5 years and suffered for the pain. I have this feeling of something being pulled out underneath my buttocks. I know it is coming from my tailbone. I know you will suffer the pain for a quite a long period of time. But so far, in my own case I have healed for 5 to 6 years and it's still there. The pain is not as excruciating as it used to be, but it can easily triggered by falling back again. I tried preventing any physical activities that could cause it.

I have other pains going on this time. I worked at the office sitting all day. Three months after that, I thought I would have to quit because my thighs feel like stretched and inflamed all the time. I went to the doctor and told him I could have a stretch mark all over my thighs. Apparently, it wasn't showing after a couple months. Not knowing could it be the veins or pinched nerve that triggers it, or my tailbone that causes all the pain on thighs. The pain wasn't deep, but it feels like on the surface.

Does anybody know what I am talking about? Let me know if you have an advice or answer for me.

Updated 2004-01-04

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