Coccygectomy incision

Susan -

I am scheduled for coccyx surgery May 19. I would like to find out if anyone has had the surgery with the incision S shaped or horizontal (across the buttocks) instead of a vertical cut down the crack.

My doctor says it will heal better this way. His name is Dr. Slezak of Akron, Ohio. He is a colorectal physician. I'm also curious if anyone else has had him do their surgery.

Note from Jon Miles:

A paper on coccygectomy by Hellberg and Strange-Vognsen reports that some of the patients they examined had had a horizontal incision, but they said that it resulted in a scar that caused a crescent-shaped fold in the skin. I guess that's because scars contract. They said the result was an unacceptable scar, and recommended that a vertical incision should be used (which is the normal practice).

Updated 2004-05-02

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