Coccydynia confusion

Phyllis -

Hi all,

I guess I just have a lot of questions and concerns before I go through with this operation. See I can see fine as long as I am leaning forward or like with a leg tucked under me so I am like sitting more on my hip bones. So I guess I wonder should I just keep doing this or take the time off work (doctor is telling me at least 3 months and maybe up to 6, and then he says at least 18 months before I will feel the full benefit) or go through the pain of surgery?

I would like to know when you all knew it was time to give up and do the surgery. If you are glad you had it or wished you'd have just kept sitting forward. I can't use the cushion or the wedge, both send me into terrible pain. Likewise driving the car.

Anything I should know or consider before I make my decision?

Thanks for any and all help


Updated 2004-09-26

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