Ozone injections for pain

Sara - Shwright13@aol.com

I am interested in finding a practitioner who uses ozone injections for pain. I have heard of impressive results with this treatment.

My tailbone was removed on 12th April 2004. I am progressing nicely but continue have severe chronic pain in my lower back and also in my right arm and shoulder. Surgery has not helped those areas.

I live in Virginia. I am willing to travel to the nearest doctor I can find. Please include doctor's name, address and phone number.


Note from Jon Miles:

Ozone is a form of oxygen that is highly reactive. It is used for sterilising water. Use of ozone injections for pain has been described as a form of prolotherapy, in which an irritant is injected into the site of the pain, with the aim of causing the body to heal the cause of the pain.

Updated 2004-05-09

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