Is there no end to the pain?

Lynne -

My name is Lynne and I am 32 years old. I first had problems with my coccyx in September 2000 after sitting on a tin of paint. I went to the doctor's and she said to me "now you know where the expression 'pain in the bum' comes from". She also told me that it was just bruising.

I then fell pregnant and had an easy birth. I thought the pain was the increasing weight of the baby! I went back again in January 2002 and was basically told to "go away" and was given a prescription for Ibuprofen and was put on a waiting list for physio (approx 6 months!). Still the pain was there and always worse when going from sitting to standing. I then was advised (by family relative) to try an osteopath. This was April 2002 and after the first visit was told my coccyx was dislocated. After 2 visits it was back in place and after a few weeks and a couple more visits I was free from pain.

However, in December 2003 I went to crouch down and didn't realise my daughters little pencil chair was behind me - I sat straight on it and I knew straight away I had done it again. The pain was awful, I can't describe it. I could hardly walk or move, sitting was impossible. I managed to get an osteopath appointment the next morning where it was confirmed. This time I had knocked it to a 90 degree angle. I was signed off work for 5 weeks and I have now been to the osteopath 8 times since December requiring 2 internal manipulations, this was when my osteopath told me that in nearly 36 years of being qualified that this was the worst dislocated coccyx he had seen. Even though it is now back in place it keeps pulling to one side and is also curling under. The last visit (needed an internal manipulation) was nearly 2 weeks ago and that was the first time in 4 months I thought the end of the tunnel was in sight, the pain from sitting to standing had vanished. Last night, I was very upset as I realised it was on it's way back.

My husband found this website and I couldn't believe that SO many other people have and are going through the same thing. It was almost a relief in way to think that I am not alone and I am not imagining the pain. I am now seriously considering having it removed as all I want to do is be free from that awful pulling painful sensation when trying to stand, and sneezing while sitting is so bad and painful it sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

If anyone is going through the same dilemma or has had it removed and it has worked - PLEASE let me know.

Updated 2004-04-18

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