Chiropractor pressed too hard

Alba -

My mother was injured at work by one of her co-workers back in December of 2001. She is a 52 year old ladder assembler and was hit with a 30 lbs. ladder in her mid-lower back. She was sent to a doctor who only gave her Ibuprofen. She was referred to a chiropractor who did adjustments on her back and gave her massages. That did not work at all. She continued with the chiropractic treatment for almost 2 years. She was sent to an orthopaedic and he gave her Vioxx and Bextra. Everything was fine with her legs. She had no pain or numbness. My mom continued working even though her back continued hurting.

She didn't know what type of medical treatment she needed so she decided to switch chiropractors. Well this chiropractor (Dr.L), in one of the adjustments put his all weight on my mom and left her practically paralyzed. She couldn't even walk. She was in so much pain but decided to go to work anyway. From that day on, which was in September of 2003 she hasn't been to work.

Now her problem is her tail bone. She says she feels a burning sensation starting from her tail bone all the way to her mid-lower back. She describes it something like "sitting on jalapeños." She's been referred to a neurosurgeon and pain management doctor. They still can't figure out what the problem is.

My mother used to weigh a healthy 189 lbs. now she is down to 140 lbs. She was so full of life and was very sociable. Since September 2003 all she does is cry and cry and cry. To relieve her pain she walks. It hurts to sit and drive. In these past months it seemed like she's a walking corpse.

I want to help her so bad but I don't know how. She doesn't want surgery. She's already has a mastectomy, been through two kidney stone operations and a hysterectomy. She suffers from depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, her uric acid is high and may have sleep apnea. Medicine doesn't help and a week ago she was given an injection which only gave her a couple hours of relief.

My mother is Spanish speaking only and she feels like she is the only one suffering from this. The doctors think she makes this up and she feels so hopeless....HELP!

Updated 2004-04-18

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