Motel bath rail broke

Krystal -

My name is Krystal, I am 23 years old. In December 2003 me and my husband stayed at a motel due to electricity problems. The beginning of my nightmare the following morning - I got up to take a bath, when I was getting out I reached for the support rail to get out, and it was improperly installed and broke causing me to fall on my bottom.

I notified front desk of the problem and immediately went to the ER. The doctor said that I fractured my tailbone! Also that there was really nothing to do for it but rest and let it heal on its own. Yeah, right.

A couple months went by with excruciating pain and my mom suggested I see her doctor so I did. She sent me to have an MRI and it revealed my coccyx was separated from the sacrum, therefore it wasn't going to heal. The doctor then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon which suggested the coccygectomy!! I was scared to death of being put to sleep and being cut open! Crazy thoughts ran through my head what if I don't make it? What about my kids?? All kinds of stuff. The pain was so awful I made myself do it.

Its been 2 weeks since surgery I'm starting to move around a little at a time. Hopefully return to work soon!

All of this happened to me and my family because of someone else's negligence that's what really makes me angry. There is no amount of money that can replace the time I have lost with my kids, husband, friends, family etc.

Another thing that really bothers me in this whole situation is there are not very many doctors, surgeons etc. that even know how to deal with type of injury. Seems no-one knows how painful this really is.

I would just like to know if there is anyone out there who has been in my situation and how they dealt with all of it?

Updated 2004-04-25

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